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Free Domain

Included In Basic Package

Pi creations will resource availability of requested domian preference. All available domains will be presented for approval. Once approval of domain received Pi Creations will secure the domain. Premium domain names are not included in the basic package.

Free  S E O

Included In Basic Package

SEO should be free! During the construction of your Free website all HTML code has a required build structure. Within this structure are required sections of code which almost all SEO manipulation occurs. Pi Creations will preload all required fields with the required tags. Pi creations will produce a free server side site map to improve your visibility on the web.

No Upfront Fees

Included In Basic Package

With Pi Creations you are treated as an individual at all times within all of our services. There are no upfront costs, hidden charges or set contracts with all Free Websites set up on a pay and display system. Pay and Display is exactly as it sounds, make set hosting and maintenance payment on the 1st of every month and your site will be on-line for that month. The Web Domain and all associated code will still be the property of Pi Creations Ltd for the first 18 payments after which all rights will be yours. There is no cancellation period and there are no penalties for cancelled payments.

Hand Coded Website

Included In Basic Package

Hand Coded is as it sounds. Pi Creations never use CMS systems to build our websites, we write all our own code to addapt to the clients requirements. Hand coding in Pi Creations oppinion makes everything so much easier. Only the code required is produced unlike drop and drag website builders which is bulked out with useless code. Hand coding will make chnages easier and SEO much more reactive.

Mobile Responsive

Included In Basic Package

A key element for any web application is to reach as many devices as possible. Pi creations will through out every part of there build process ensure full platform response.


Excluded From Basic Package

Full paypal intergration for safe secure transactions. Own your own site with a monthly maintenance fee or use Pi Creations partnership scheme. Pi Creations partnership scheme is a way to bring your products to a wider audience. Within the partnership scheme Pi Creations will provide full site construction, SEO, website product management, Paypal intergration and management, e-mail marketing with only confirmed sales being passed on. All partnership services are free until product sales are realised after which Pi Creations will retain a pre arranged percentage of the product sales price. No Sales No Fee.

Email Marketing

Excluded From Basic Package

Pi Creations can market your business with targeted E-mail Marketing. Key industry areas are identified and all relevant leads are contacted. This has been proven to be a highly benefiacial practise creating a contact list and hightening your companies presence within the relevant industry.


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Website Development

Unique Website Design

Custom Designs To Suit Your Business Needs

Website Development

Free Search Engine Optimization

Seo driven hand coded websites

Website Development

Hand Coded Website Design

Accelerate search engine rankings with a hand coded website.

Website Development

E-Commerce Paypal Intergration

Full paypal intergration available for any size company

Website Development

Mobile Friendly Design

Designed to flow smoothly on all devices

Website Development Farnborough

Pi Creations is a Farnborough based Website Development Business.

With Pi Creations you are treated as an individual at all times within all of our services.

Included in the basic package is Free Domain, Free Unique Hand Coded Website, Free Search Engine Optimization, Fully Mobile Responsive Design with No upfront fees.

Pi Creations also supply targeted Email marketing and E-commerce website options.

Working to promote companies in Farnborough, Frimley, Fleet, Aldershot, Farnham, Camberley, Bagshot, Crawthorne, Windlesham, Hartley Whitney, Wokingham, Basingstoke, Reading, Guildford.

E - Commerce Partnership

Free E - Commerce Website

Paypal Intergration and Management

Free Targeted Marketing

No Monthly Charge


Complete Site management

Free Product Updates

Only Confirmed Sales Passed On

Free SEO and Marketing


Risk Free Sales Platform

No Hidden Fees

Pi Creations will take all the work out of your hands.

Customer Review

Ventilation Supplier

"This is a brand new venture which would not have had the opportunity to bring its products live with out Pi Creations input. The e-commerce partnership is a no risk option we could not refuse."

Managing Director